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Launched in 2020, GreenGolf UK is a Yorkshire based golf goods retailer, that aims to deliver high quality golf products at very affordable prices. Not only this, all of our products are specially designed and manufactured so that they cause the least harm to the environment as possible. 

Think how many rounds of golf are played each year; the average American golfer plays 46 rounds per year, and for lots of us it will be much more than than one round a week on average. There are obviously 18 holes on a golf course and almost everyone will use a tee of some form on every hole.

Think of how many millions of golf tees that this equates to. Golf tees are a consumable, and the majority of these tees are either; painted wooden tees that break more or less every hole and cause harm to the environment when left due to the toxic chemicals, or plastic golf tees that are stronger but cause damage to your driver and when they break - which they will - they will take years to decompose and can harm eco-systems and wildlife as well if they are ingested. 

Many of the best golf courses in the world are in coastal locations - UK Links and US championship courses for example. Now tees do find their way into the ocean - plastic in the ocean is one of the worst environmental issues in current times - and causes harm to marine life just as it does to wildlife - and we aim to prevent this by encouraging people to make an easy sustainable switch to eco friendly golf products. 

We try to use as many natural resources where possible, bamboo is known to have one of the highest flexural strengths of all materials. In simple terms it is able to bend a great deal without breaking. The fibres are 2-3 times as strong as timber fibres and the ability to absorb pressure means your golf tees will snap up to five times less when compared with conventional wooden tees. 

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and absorbs carbon dioxide whilst releasing 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere when compared with with hard and soft wood trees. A bamboo crop can be harvested within 5 years and requires no cutting down of trees or any high energy intensive methods of extracting oil, therefore rendering bamboo an incredibly sustainable material - which is also why it was the chosen material for our GreenFix PMR Tools.

Organic Cotton used in our golf bag towels is grown in India, and the process is fully natural, with no nasty carcinogenic pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals. The process also only uses half as much of the energy required to manufacture polyester - a synthetic material commonly found in textiles (such as leading golf bag towels) - that when washed, sheds microfibres derived from plastics which are known to be the single biggest contributor to ocean plastic pollution.

The Organic Cotton that we use utilises rainwater rather than irrigation systems, saving water AND energy, but also releases approximately 46% less CO2e gasses compared to regular cotton. The growth of organic cotton drastically reduces the health risks for farmers, as the process is free from harmful chemicals, whilst also maintaining the quality of the soil.


To top it all off it is far more economically sustainable for farmers to grow organic cotton and therefore they are being paid a fair wage for their produce compared with regular cotton. 

By purchasing our sustainable golf products, you are investing in the future of golf and our planet. You are decreasing the demand for materials such as plastic and timber, therefore meaning less trees are cut down, less oil is being used and less products deriving from plastic are being made. 

We aim to make the switch to sustainable golf quick and easy and with minimal effect on your game. More importantly you will not be paying a high premium for the switch to sustainable golf products either. Best of all - you will find that most of our products are in fact cheaper than leading golf products - GreenGolf are the cheaper and more sustainable alternative to these products. 

Quality is at the heart of what we do, and by using natural products such as bamboo and organic cotton we are not only producing golf products that are better for the environment than conventional alternatives , but that are known to be just as durable if not more so than these conventional products! 

Our passion for playing golf and promoting sustainable sport, mixed with our frustrations of breaking golf tees on every hole, led us to design a durable yet incredibly sustainable debut product. Our biodegradable golf tees are 70mm in length and are made from natural bamboo.

The team at GreenGolf UK knows that every product counts, and we strive to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers. We hope that you can contribute towards significant change within sports to be more sustainable. 

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We are proud to support The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - 5% of profits will be donated to WWF, so that we can support their fantastic efforts towards the wellbeing of eco systems that are so valuable to the environment. Press the link below to find out more, or follow the link to donate.



We are always looking for new people to bring innovative ideas to the team. Follow the link below for more details.


Jack Doherty

CEO & Founder

Sam Harrison

Director & Co-founder



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