We realise functionality is still important for every product that we produce, and therefore we prioritise functionality second to only sustainability. Our packaging has been carefully selected and designed so that it is incredibly functional and has minimal negative effect on the environment with regards to production and disposal. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials that are also 100% recyclable. 

Our simple yet incredibly durable kraft paper packaging will hold your tees in your golf bag efficiently without taking up too much space due to the slim nature of the packaging. Each pack is moisture proof and can be resealed easily. We use kraft paper as the main component for our packaging as only 5% of the plastics that are used for packaging can be recycled, meaning the other 95% of plastics ends up in landfill and do not biodegrade. Kraft paper is tear resistant and elastic, making it a great choice for something that will be carrying tees in your golf bag. We line our kraft paper bags with a very fine layer of polyethylene (PE) film to maintain shape but also to increase strength and functionality.

Polyethylene (PE) is in the 5% of plastic packaging that is recycled and therefore it is one of the most recyclable materials used in manufacturing and it's a bonus is that it is also very durable. Most importantly it is not energy intensive to manufacture and can be heated, reshaped and recycled very easily to make other products, such as our (PE) film, but is more commonly used for manufacturing reusable shopping bags. 


  • We are one of very few if any retailers who are able to offer a complete swap out for your plastic tees - we have graduated bamboo castle tees in a range of sizes from red all the way up to the large orange size, for those of you who like the consistent tee height every time, and we also have the more traditional sort for the old school golfer.


  • At GreenGolf our tees are made from natural bamboo and are unvarnished therefore increasing the efficiency of the decomposition process, where by Mosa Bamboo can fully decompose after 6 months. Any varnish/lacquer or paint used on golf tees harms the environment. These paints and lacquers are derived from (or coated in) oil or plastic substances that obviously cannot be reused.

  • To maximise product life and to encourage recycling, we are offering customers who reuse their packaging a further 20% discount on our golf tees - these will be sent to you securely without extra packaging, for you to simply pour them into your existing pack.

  • We have pledged 5% of profits from our tees as a charitable donation towards conservation projects via the WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF).


Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and absorbs carbon dioxide whilst releasing 35% more oxygen into the air when compared with hard and softwood trees. Our bamboo can be harvested every 1 to 5 years, depending on the species, whereas natural wood trees take up to 40 years to mature.

In our golf tees the main species of bamboo used is Mosa Bamboo, which when harvested almost all of the 'tree' is used meaning the bamboo production is very efficient and there is very high yield. Bamboo is known to be incredibly durable as it has great flexural strength, meaning theoretically it takes much more force to break a bamboo tee when compared with a conventional natural wood tee. 

In 2016 it was recorded that 8 MILLION tonnes of plastic leaks into the ocean each year - by 2050 the weight of plastic will outweigh that of fish. Plastic golf tees are not indestructible, and when they do break, they are left on the tee box and can be toxic to wildlife. They also take years to decompose and when they eventually decompose, micro-plastics that are usually cut with harmful chemicals linked to cancer and hormone disruption, are released into the ground, into the atmosphere, and they eventually find their way into the ocean.

This is affecting human health, just as it is affecting the environment. In a report issued at the start of 2020 by the WWF, it stated that each week humans unwillingly ingest plastic particles that are equivalent to the plastic used in a credit card. This is due to micro-plastics found in our tap water, food chain and even the atmosphere - this is obviously damaging our own health as well as the environment.

This is why we know that now is the time to start implementing change amongst our fellow golfers - to become more sustainable as a golfing community and as individuals away from golf. Buying more bamboo products that can biodegrade, reduces the overall net demand for single use plastics. Please support us to help make a difference to the environment we should all cherish.





GreenFix Pitch Mark Repairer by GreenGolf. Keeping with the bamboo theme after our debut product release (70mm Bamboo Golf Tees) we bring you the most sustainable pitch mark repairer on the market. Cheaper than leading PMR Tools, our bamboo tools are just as functional, they maintain a high level of durability and they are much more affordable. 

They are biodegradable and require next to no energy to produce. During the production process and sourcing of the bamboo, there is virtually no waste therefore making GreenFix PMR Tools ever more sustainable. Bamboo has an incredible flexural strength, making it a great alternative material to plastic and steel when manufacturing PMR tools.

Coming as a single piece; or in packs of 3, 5, or 10, these would make a great addition to any golfers golf bag, and they are especially great for that one golf buddy who NEVER fixes their pitch marks. 

AND as always 5% of corporate profits will be pledged as a charitable donation towards conservation projects via the WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF).


Durable, Sustainable, Affordable. - what else could you want !

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WE BRING TO YOU AN 'INDUSTRY FIRST ' PRODUCT - The 'Eco Dry' 100% Organic Cotton Golf Bag Towel.


Made from the finest quality organic cotton, with premium embroidery this towel makes a stylish addition to anyones golf bag, with this we have also Brought to you a harm free way to help ensure that your ball striking, club face and your golf ball are as clean as your environmental conscience, when you shop with GreenGolf. 

Our towels are leading the market in terms of sustainability. When comparing our 100% Organic Cotton towels with regular cotton or polyester materials; when growing organic cotton, rainwater is utilised and therefore saving both water and energy. 46% less CO2e gasses are released during the growth process, and due to no pesticides or harmful chemicals being used the health risks for workers are far reduced, also farmers find it more economical to grow organic cotton as they are utilising the elements and society has changed in the last decade as demand has risen for organic products and therefore they can charge more for their crops. 

Polyester microfibre is a material commonly used in golf bag towels by the market leaders in golf products. These are plastic microfibres and these fibres are the single biggest contributor to ocean plastic pollution. The manufacturing process of polyester requires double the amount of eneergy that is required to grow organic cotton, and the chemicals used in both polyester production and pesticides used in regular cotton production are carcinogenic and find their way into our water sources, food chain and the atmosphere.

Our towels are shipped without the need for excess packaging in small recyclable FSC certified postage boxes. Each and every towel comes with a stainless steel bag clip, so you can open up the box and attach it to your golf bag straight away.




Incredibly Durable, Incredibly Sustainable, Incredibly Green.