EcoDry by GreenGolf 100% Organic Cotton Towel

EcoDry by GreenGolf 100% Organic Cotton Towel


EcoDry By GreenGolf brings to you yet another industry first with the first 100% organic cotton golf bag towel - a far better alternative to what is readily available, in both fibre quality and reducing environmental impact, and as a result they should be a part of any golfers bag.


A premium harmfree product derived from 100% organic cotton, GreenGolf have brought to you the EcoDry range, to help ensure that your golf ball and club face are dry, and therefore your ball striking can be as clean as your environmental conscience when buying with GreenGolf.


Most leading golf towels are made from synthetic materials such as polyester - whose microfibres are derived from plastic. As a result of washing, these synthetic materials are the single biggest contributor to ocean plastic pollution.


Our towels are shipped without the need for excess packaging in small recyclable FSC certified postage boxes. Each and every towel comes with a stainless steel bag clip, so you can open up the box and attach it to your golf bag straight away.




Incredibly Durable, Incredibly Sustainable, Incredibly Green.