GreenGolf EcoEssentials Pack

GreenGolf EcoEssentials Pack




Our EcoEssentials combination of our most popular products have been carefully picked to accomodate all golfers needs. Whether beginner or professional, a GreenGolf UK Essential pack is the perfect addition to anyones golf bag. 


The EcoEssentials includes :


  • 50 x Traditional 70mm Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tees
  • 35 x 'Pink Size' Biodegradable Bamboo Castle Tees
  • 40 x 'Red Size'  Biodegradable Bamboo Castle Tees

Our full bamboo golf tee range ensures every receipient can easily #maketheswitch away from plastic golf tees to our incredibly durable biodegradable bamboo equivilents.


  • 3 x  Titleist Pro V1 Lake Balls in fantastic condition.

These are the best balls in the game and have been for some time. Why not have some quality pre-loved golf balls for a fraction of the retail price?(Qual Ref - A/A-)


  • 5 x GreenFix Pitch Mark Repair Tools 

Ensure that you can fix your ProV pitch marks efficiently to keep the greens rolling truly.


All of the above are held neatly in a GreenGolf Organic Cotton Valuables Bag. Made from organic cotton, this bag is far superior in quality and sustainability when compared with regular cotton and polyester bags.


This pack is perfect for all golfers wanting to stock up on the essentials and save 20% against our individual retail prices. 

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